Promoting Culutral Diversity Through the Arts

Most of our funds this year are committed to our Legacy multi-year grantees, and it is unlikely we can fund any new projects at this time; however we still welcome letters of inquiry that help us get to know applicants and projects we might fund in the future

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Tentative schedule for the next CICA Board meetings:

• January 14-15 San Diego, California

Deadline for submissions Thursday, December 15, 2016.

What the CICA likes to fund:

We tend to like finite projects where we can see an end to the project, rather than be committed to long-term sustainable projects.

Read up on our LEGACY PROJECTS on the site, and that will give you a good idea of the cross-section of items we like to fund. Also, pay attention to our Mission Statement

  • EXAMPLE: The National City, Calif.-based ARTS: A Reason to Survive program certainly needs money on a regular basis, however, they came to us for a grant that would specifically allow them to open on Saturdays. Without CICA money, that could not have happened, and of course they depend on a wide range of funding sources. We have been so pleased with the program that we have agreed to be a source of annual funding for this program.

We like to fund programs that would not be able to happen without that extra boost that the CICA can give it.

  • EXAMPLE: The “On Begley Street” online Kickstarter campaign we gave enough money to make it past the halfway point to help fund the project.

We like to share responsibility with other groups and not be the sole funder of the project.

  • EXAMPLE: The PTA and other funding groups have shared costs with Public School Arts Project so they could do bigger and better educational projects and field trips, mostly on a 50/50 split.

How much can you ask for?

  • There is no set limit, but our grants generally run $5,000 to $10,000. They could be for a few hundred dollars, or exceed $50,000. If we have a track record with a person or organization, we could spend more, and even give additional grants. But larger grants of $50,000 or more we would tend to give in installments and ask for periodic feedback and accounting of the funding.

What is your involvement in the program? What say do you have with it?

  • We prefer to have no control in your content or program. We may ask for credit or acknowledgement which could be a simple mention and our website address. We may offer suggestions and ideas, but creative and administrative control is all yours. We also have no legal involvement, advice or responsibility to your organization.

Does CICA want a piece of the action? Do they own any part of the project?

  • Absolutely not. The product of the project is yours. We do hope that you will give us credit in any promotions or press that you do, and send it to us so we can post it on our site as accomplishments, but we do not create ads for you, nor ask for any specific credit other than our name and website URL: and our logo if appropriate (on the site).

What is my obligation?

  • We ask that you follow all applicable laws, file the grant appropriately with your taxes and report to us quarterly as far as updates to your project. You are not an employee of CICA, nor is the board responsible for your project or retains any ownership or copyright rights.

What is the best way to approach CICA?

Have a direct project and proposal that you would like to fund.

  • EXAMPLE: Rather than say, “Gee I could use any amount of money to help me fund this documentary,” it’s more helpful to say, “I need $10,000 for the editing to get the final cut on this documentary and I can then get it into the film festivals by the September deadline.”

Have a budget of approximate expenses.

  • This doesn’t have to be detailed, nor would we necessarily hold you to the budget, or expect accounting for it all, but if we could have an idea of where the money would go, and to whom, and for what, it would be helpful.

Can I bring in a presentation and documents?

  • Presentations are encouraged, but please respect the time limit given to you. We prefer presentations no more than 10 minutes total, and like to spend more time talking to the parties involved and asking questions.

    Any leave-behind material or videos or DVDs should be made for all five of the board members.

Can I send in information in advance of the in-person meeting?

  • Yes, but please send all material by the deadlines listed above, before the meeting time, so we can distribute it to the entire board. When asked, make your presentation fresh as if they know nothing about it. If you are mailing something, make sure there are five copies.

What is the procedure to apply for a CICA grant?

Make an informal “Letter of Inquiry” proposal that is sent to There is no deadline, we accept applications throughout the year.

  • In that proposal, explain the project, what you need funding for, a budget and how this fits with our Mission Statement. You can send in the more detailed budget, supplemental info and links after initial approval.
  • A member of the board will contact you and may ask you for additional information. If you are approved, you will be asked to attend a meeting, or set up a Skype appointment for the next quarterly board meeting. We are a volunteer group, and it may take up to 60 days to respond to any inquiry.
  • The board is made up of volunteers who live in various parts of the country, and meet only quarterly. Be patient about a response. The meetings generally take place in San Diego, Palm Springs or Los Angeles, so if you can make it in person, please specify which location is best for you.
  • When you are asked to attend a Board Meeting, the entire time is generally a half hour long. We ask that the presentation be about 10 minutes, allowing us 20 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Material you bring should include five copies, one for each board member. You can show items on our computer and we will have Internet access.
  • Materials mailed before the meeting (or emailed) should reach us at least one month before the meeting and can be mailed to:

    CICA Proposal
    7177 Chelan Way
    Hollywood, CA 90068

We are an informal group and have very informal meetings. When we invite you to the board meeting it reflects no specific commitment of funding or endorsement of your project, but it does show we are interested. We may offer advice or suggestions, or invite you to come back with more information or details before we make a decision. We will usually notify you of a decision within two weeks of our board meetings.

Thank you for considering us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

This is our downloadable LOGO. For credits, please also include our website:

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